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Mar 22, 2010

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A Quick Jaunt to Bananatown
I think bananas are pretty interesting.  Here are some observations I have made about bananas.

1. They are bullies.

Sometimes when I bring a particularly powerful banana in my lunch, it makes everything else taste like a banana, too.  Sometimes, this is a wonderful surprise, like a banana flavoured chocolate chip cookie.  That's an improvement, I say!  But then other times it really sucks, like a banana flavoured tuna sandwich.   I do wish, from time to time, that they'd mind their own business and stop influencing everything else in my lunchbag.

2. They are sensitive little guys who tend to spill their guts.

I sometimes run late and toss my lunch into my bag and jet to work.  I'll stick my hand in there to find my phone or something later and come out with banana goo all over me, and everything else in there, too.  I like bananas very much, but this usually makes me use my big girl words.

4. They are not arachnophobic.

Tarantulas like to live in banana bunches and hide out in there for food and safety.  When I was little, my mom told me about this and I thought she meant that they lived inside the bananas themselves.  I refused to eat any banana that had big dark spots on it because that meant the tarantula was growing.  Don't peel a banana like that or you will find yourself on a one-way trip to Spider City.

5. They believe in the holy trinity.

If you're eating a banana, take a bite and then stick your finger in the circle you just made.  It splits itself into three equal sections!  Isn't that convenient for . . . banana splits and blogging about bananas?

6. They are like dinner sometimes.

I often find myself struggling to eat a banana because they are so filling.  Not like wimpy apples or oranges -- these guys actually fill you up!  That's a good benefit because sometimes I take a pear or something and it doesn't do the trick and when three o' clock comes, Mama's hungry.

7. They are very accommodating.

You can peel a banana from both ends!  I like to peel from the stem, but my husband likes to peel from the bum.  That's just plain rude, I say.  I guess it just depends on what kind of banana personality you have.

8. They are very patient.

This is one fruit you really, really can't eat before it's ripe . . . a green banana, if you can even get the peel off at that point, is so crunchy and nasty that you will just throw it away and feel bad that you wasted it.  Don't push these dudes -- you WILL regret it.

9. They have a good sense of humour!

There's nothing very funny about an apple core or a lemon rind . . . but oh, man!  Warner Bros. would be many laughs shorter had banana peels not been so hilarious.

10. They can be a pretend pee-pee.

What's not to love about that?

11. They got stuck to an animal.

I can't think of any other fruit that is synonymous with any creature the way bananas are with monkeys.